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Service concept

1.Bad service is Chronic Dutch act for an enterprise .
2.Be irresponsible for customer is irresponsible for our group. Maintaining customer’s interest principle, no damage is damage devoted the customers. The establishment of strategic partnership, achieve  win-win, coexistence, common prosperity.
3.the customer is God, who does not sincerely for customer service, who is the enemy of the enterprise.
4.the goal to maximize the service for customers is to save every second, the maximum for customers is to provide convenient.
5.the goal is not satisfaction, the result is the real satisfaction.
6.the best service is no service.

Service advantages

1.We are the world’s leading steel production and processing base,exporting to more than 80 countries and regions.
2. We can roll 7 types of deformed steel bar meanwhile, making sure we own the most flexible indent scheduling and the shortest delivery cycle .
3. We have signed Long-term supply contracts with the international Big iron mine BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Vale of Brazil.
4. We are the main unit to draft and compile Part 2 of National standard Steel reinforced concrete: hot rolled ribbed steel bar (rebar) .
5. Having obtained the certification of Five countries’ Register of Shipping, The European Union CE and The China classification society assures your confidence and our quality.
6.The deformed steel bar of Jingye is widly appied to many symbolic construction and national project such as china pdvlion in china expo,three grorges project and south to south water diversion project.