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Enterprise culture
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Corporation vision: Creating Chinas leading performance steel group corporation

Enterprise spirit: Being Pragmatic And Refinement, Always Striving For The First.

Corporation Mission: Sharing with the employees, prosper with the motherland, improve with the community, and coexist with the environment

Sharing with employees

Li Ganpo, the chairman once said: "I want employees to achieve three goals: to afford a house in the county;  children can afford to college; can afford to disease." Jingye staffs not only have a steady income, but also enjoy more benefits: The enterprise has managed the endowment insurance, medical insurance, and housing fund for all the staffs. And all the staffs have an annual payment of travel expenses, the factory also organized more than a decade older employees to travel to Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Invested over 800 million yuan to build the swimming pool, ballroom, gym, and library, free and open to all employees. Training is the biggest benefit; the Group invested 12 million yuan constructed Worker University with high standards, which can accommodate 3,000 people study and training. New employees, serving cadres and staff should be trained with a planned learning project to enhance the educational level and professional skills. In the coming years, the employees’ average salary will increase the proportion of 10% per annum.


Enterprise Tenet: To develop and innovate continuously, otherwise it will go bankrupt.

Technical innovation pioneer Hu Jianli

The Early time of Bar rolling mill production line put into production , in order to improve the time line bar mill production, Hu Jianli who was Deputy Chief of technology department then think a lot of ways, but the effect is not large.After day of work ,on the road to home, he sat on the shuttle turn a blind eye to think, suddenly pass a new design ideas come to mind. After returning home, he immediately set out to design, dawn, also outline the basic shape of the design. Then after several days and nights of fine calculation, the new hole in the bar pilot rin in production line, in-line rolling speed actually increased by 30%, or 30% increase in production.,can create benefits for the Group's annual 2000-30000 yuan. Hu Jianli was also involved in a number of rolling mill equipment, process transformation, successfully developed a three cut points, four segmentation, water cooling, no pass rolling technology, and the development of ∮ 8 - ∮ 32 All specifications HRB335, HRB400 , HRB500 and seismic reinforcement, was named the group "technical talent progress Award." In 2008 was named as "outstanding scientific and technological workers."by Shijiazhuang city government.

Core Value: Dutifully respect, loyalty dedication, innovation create effective, wisdom sold work

Work style: React quickly and take action immediately, doing things in place and pay attention to the effect

Brand positioning: Environmental Jingye, quality Jingye,honest&trustworthy Jingye

Employment Concept: Everyone is talent and distinguish talents by contest. Respect talents, knowledge and labor.


February 2002 , the group recruited its first part of university students, Yingzhou Li is one of them . Initially he was in the chemical carbon dioxide workshop technician . Because he dedicated to the study, he soon made the transformation proposal was adopted for the workshop process equipment . In May 2009, he was appointed director of chemical Technology Department . Later, Due to the ability was outstanding,He was appointed as Chemical Factory director. In 2011, when he was served as the first director of sintering plant, his management , the courage to reform and open-minded to the standard transform deficit to good condition. From an ordinary college student to a senior leadership group , The example of Li Yin Zhou tells us : In this company, as long as you have the ability to work hard, you will succeed !

Safety Concept: Safety is the most important

Environment Protection Concept: Environmental non-compliance must stop production. Environmental accidents in accordance with the workers casualty handling of strength.

Greatly Invested to Make Good Environment

   Our company attach great importance to energy saving and environmental protection as the lifeline, and constantly improvement of energy saving, the initiative to eliminate backward production capacity, energy conservation. About these factors ,its recycling economy accumulated more than 2 billion yuan to achieve no sewage exhaust , dust emissions standards , energy saving which All these meets national standards. Our group won the "Eleventh Five outstanding energy-saving unit" , in February 2013 was approved by the Provincial Tourism Bureau of Hebei Province industrial tourism demonstration sites.

Marketing Concept: Marketing is enterprises kernel competitive power, which needs total employee involvement