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Good news! Jingye Group takes the lead in green product certification audit.

Visitors  source: date:2018-11-19 14:59:13

 In order to continue to promote the development of green low-carbon cycle of Jingye Group, promote the process of reduction and greening of its steel products, and enhance the overall image of the Group, from November 8 to 9, the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection jointly invited China Smelter Testing and Certification Company to certify the green products of the Group's hot-rolled ribbed steel bars.

At the first meeting of certification on November 8, Vice President Kang Xueyuan stressed that all units should cooperate with the work of certification experts to ensure the smooth progress of certification. In this review, the Group of Experts conducted on-site audits on the green attributes of the Group's products from five aspects: resource conservation, energy conservation, environment friendliness, non-toxicity, harmlessness and recyclability, and adopted graded scoring system for alloy savings, product yield, clean energy use, fuel combustion efficiency and waste heat of the Group's main products. Many environmental protection and energy saving indicators, such as recycling, noise (manufacturing process), carbon emissions, pollution emissions, hazardous solid waste, iron-containing dust, steel slag and so on, were evaluated. At the final meeting of certification on November 9, the expert group highly evaluated the indexes of oxygen enrichment per ton of iron, recovery of converter gas and consumption of fresh water per ton of steel. In the end, the green products obtained the highest three-star grade, meeting the requirements of quality assurance in GB/T33761-2017 General Principles for the Evaluation of Green Products, and passed the green product audit satisfactorily.
This certification, the Group of Experts to the Group's green products to give the highest three-star rating evaluation, to the Group's energy-saving low-carbon environmental protection work to give a very high evaluation, and finally the Group successfully passed the green product audit. At the same time, it plays a positive role in improving enterprise management, reducing energy consumption, increasing product value-added, and publicizing enterprise's environmental protection image.