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The airport lounge of Hebei Jingye Group has been put into use officially

Visitors  source: date:2017-6-14 14:52:07

Hebei Jingye Group rented VIP room at Shijiazhuang Zheng Ding Airport in order to allowing cadres and employees of Jingye to enjoy the VIP treatment.The VIP romm was put into use on May 29.

The VIP room is located at Room 6, 2nd Floor, Terminal 2.(enter the door 3 or 4, you can see the VIP area),enter into the business lounge channel, turn left at the ending then reach the Jingye VIP lounge.

All the cadres and employees of the Jingye group can be used for business trip, we will travel more convenient and comfortable.Their travel will be more conveniently and comfortablely .The lounge is luxurious and comfortable:Air purifier, 55-inch LCD screen network TV, wireless full coverage, office computers and all kinds of food.

Check-in process:have s rest at  6 Lounge→ Jingye’s staff will help change the boarding pass and checked baggage→ Tips for boarding time → take the VIP security channel → special ferry to the corresponding gate → sneded to the corresponding gate by the special ferry.

Hotline:86-0311-68137977   86-15731135642  Sun Ying

Welcome to the airport lounge of Hebei Jingye Group!