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Green day responsibility

Visitors  source: date:2014-8-6 21:35:24

 Green day responsibility     Medium Heavy Plate

Rebar Group Office by the organization, "caring for plants and trees to enhance environmental awareness," green day activities of voluntary labor department specific implementation of Arbor Day on March 12 officially kicked off. The purpose of this event is designed to promote full participation in protecting the environment, the British standard rebar cherish Group greening achievements, develop care for green spaces, beautiful environment, good maintenance habits.     Medium & Heavy Plate price
Before the event started, the green branch office on March 8 first garden experts hired to participate in voluntary labor for the first batch of cadres and employees were trained. The 12th day, the activities carried out in three venues, South plant, one each in North and peripheral plant, the main job is to clear the lawn and garden debris, leaves. Under the leadership of each group leader, bolt steel voluntary labor personnel work seriously, not Pazang tired, building round the lawn and cleaning up various small parks. First, from the logistics of the event each chamber began, followed by operating systems, production systems in order to participate. Pictured for day labor security department employees volunteer to clean up debris in the lawn. Hebei Jingye Group Address: Pingshan County, Hebei Province, South Austin Town Tel: 0311-82878888    Hot Rolled Coils Factory