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Group logo plate, screw products with Seal

Visitors  source: date:2014-8-6 21:32:08

 Group logo plate, screw products with Seal     Deformed steel bar

February 9, my group ∮ 8mm rebar specifications for disc with stenciled logo into pre-production status, specific lettering marked: J / / Y, specifications ∮ 10mm spiral disk with all the products will soon seal logo , marking the end of the plate, screw my group because there is no stamp was part of the British standard steel forged corporate history.      Hot Rolled Coils
       It is understood that due to the state of the following specifications ∮ 12mm plate, screw no provisions must strip marked areas, since February 2010 Group plate, screw production, as only the surface of the product packed and no signs stenciled logo, can easily be part of the enterprise imitation, affecting the plate, screw and sell our brand reputation. Rebar prices and customer service centers Rolling Division was informed deliberation, steel manufacturers decided to stamp mark on the plate with screw. By then, these products are marked with its own stamp will avoid counterfeit products, but also to upgrade the image of the Group's product packaging, and thus enhance the corporate brand image.    Hot Rolled Coils price