• Mian productions:deformed steel bar, wire rod , heavy&medium,Flange etc.
  • clean factory area,automated production,advanced equipment
  • access to multi-country steel certification
  • Jingye Group move cunstomers with the quality and service
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Inventory of the Events of Jingye Group at the End of 2018

Inventory of the Events of Jingye Group at the End...

 In 2018, under the guidance of the Party's policy, the Jingye group has made outstanding achievements in brand, innovation, customer service, environmental protection...

[Good News]Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Construction Use "Jingye Blue"!

[Good News]Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Co...

Recently, Jingye Group Sales Corporation successfully introduced "Jingye Blue" screw steel into Chengdu Tianfu International Airport project in Beijing.

As a l...

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